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Our Schools

Yellamabanda School

Maktha School

Pappireddynagar School

Shiva Nagar School

MA Nagar School

Chundevi School

Dhrubatara School

Tharevir School

Our India Schools:
Expansion of our facilities is a continuous, ongoing activity.  Yellamabanda started with 150 students and no grade designations and now has both primary and secondary levels. Maktha began as a primary school and added a grade level each year until a high school was achieved.  Since our schools are “Government Schools” we work closely with the Hyderabad Education Office to prepare and follow a Memorandum of Agreement about our partnership.

All our schools have a Boundary Wall and Gate.  In this way school yard cleanliness is maintained with no animals or people attempting to live on the school grounds. Non-potable water hydrates trees and shrubs. This “Campus” approach means the school yard is a kind of sanctuary in comparison to the impoverished conditions seen outside the wall. 

Yellamabanda, India
• Adopted 2004, 900 students (Primary - High school)
• Won Best School in 2016 and Developing a Media Lab

Maktha, India
• Adopted 2011, 450 students (PreK - High school)
• Rotary International Grant Recipient

Pappireddynagar, India
• Adopted 2012, 450 students (PreK - Primary)
• 1st Government School to have Solar Panels
• 1st Adult Literacy Classes

Shiva Nagar, India
• Adopted 2019, 300 students (PreK - Primary)
• 2019 WASH IN SCHOOLS Grant Recipient

MA Nagar, India
• Adopted 2019, 200 students (PreK - Primary)
• 2019 WASH IN SCHOOLS Grant Recipient
Gowdavally, India
• Adopted 2006, 150 students (Primary)
Siddiquenagar, India
• Adopted 2008, 200 students (Primary)
Our Nepal Schools:
In 2019, our Foundation began constructing schools in Kathmandu, Nepal, in partnership with Chay Ya Foundation. Chay Ya has been active in Nepal since 2007 and is involved in many humanitarian projects, mainly focusing on school and family needs. Tharevir is completed and the rest are “in progress.”
Chundevi, Nepal
• Adopted in 2021, 120 students (PreK to 6th grade)

Dhrubatara, Nepal
• Adopted in 2020, 600 students (Primary - High school)
• Will host the Carnevali Technical School (in progress)

Tharevir, Nepal
• Adopted in 2020, 65 students (PreK - Primary)

Chay Ya Disability Center, Nepal
• Adopted 2022 (in conjunction with other NGOs), 20 students (Boarding School; ages 5-15)
• Boarding Program for Children with Disabilities
Shree Mahadev, Nepal
• Adopted in 2022, 150 students (PreK to 8th grade)

Shree Shantijan, Nepal
• Adopted 2021, 145 students (PreK to 5th grade)

Pratapkot Secondary, Nepal
• Adopted in 2021, 230 students (Grades 6-8)
Our Ethiopia Schools:
The butterfly onlus, based in Italy, sponsors international projects to support schools.
Adigobye Primary School, Ethiopia
• Adopted 2019, 250 students (Grades 5-8)
• Nearby well constructed and Uniforms provided
Click here to read what our graduates are saying.
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Chay Ya Disability Center

Adigobye School

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