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Awards for Academics and Attendance


Creating Opportunities for a Better Future
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Rising Stars Program
Rising Stars are those students who have joined a post high school course of study in
vocational education (2yrs), polytechnic studies (3yrs) or (4 yrs) university degree.
These students are sponsored by Carnevali Foundation and Generous Donors.
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Adult Literacy Program
The ladies studying at Pappireddynagar Adult Literacy Course requested that The Foundation provide additional lessons (so 3 nights per week are offered).
WASH GRANT will enable the programs to expand to MA Nagar and Shiva Nagar Schools.
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Early Childhood  Centers
Early Childhood Centers are renovated to have dedicated toilet and hand wash station adjacent
to the classroom, a fenced in playground, potable water for drinking, and classroom street access to dedicated mothers picking up supplies. All schools have librarys with books selected from the national curriculum.

Carnevali Foundation non-profit

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