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Donate to improve the learning conditions and opportunities of the children in our schools in India, Nepal and Ethiopia. Our mission is to continue to expand and grow and we can do more with your help. All contributions are welcome.


1) Send a check payable to: Carnevali Foundation and mail to: 
Carnevali Foundation, PO Box 581, South Yarmouth, MA 02664

2) Wire Transfer: Click here to contact us for Wire Instructions.

Please consider full or partial donations. Every donation counts!

*Pending 501(c)(3) non-profit status at this time.

Clean Water and Sanitation:

• Bore well $8,000 USD
• RO Reverse Osmosis System Install $2,500 USD
• RO Annual Maintenance $500 USD

Annual Insect and Snake Control
$800 USD

Ayah and Watchman Annual Salary

For one school $1,300 USD

An Ayah and Watchman are hired to reside on the grounds of our school. Their responsibility is to keep the buildings and grounds safe and clean.


A 2-story classroom building with 8 classrooms
$50,000 USD


toilets, sinks, running water $10,000 USD

Kitchen Building

$8,000 USD


Early Childhood Building & Playground $20,000 USD

Shelving and Furniture $2,000 USD

Books in Native Language & Bookbinding $2,000 USD

All our schools would appreciate donations of any size to purchase books for our libraries. Books in Telugu, the local language, generally only have a paper cover. We send these books to a publisher who attaches a firm cover so they will endure hardy use. We try to stock books in Telugu, Hindi, and English.

Academic Sponsorship 3 Year Polytechnic
$250 USD/per year per student

3 Years Polytechnic Studies

$900 USD/per year*

3 Years University Studies
$3,000 USD/per year*

Early Childhood Center

ECC Building & Playground $20,000 USD

Furniture and Learning Materials $2,000 USD 

High School graduates must attend a 2 or 3 year program before starting University. Three years of Polytechnic is equivalent to one year of University. Students will then attend 3 years of University to obtain their bachelor degree. In India, high school is 10 years of study.

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