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Board of Trustees

The Non-profit Board of Trustees meets routinely to review existing programs, plan new initiatives and provide required reports to maintain its Charitable NGO designation. Shiva and Sampson, two of our outstanding university graduates, joined the Board in 2021. As role models they visit schools, inspire students and teachers, and provide valuable feedback on how we can better serve the children in our schools and the parents in our local communities. Over time, other graduates will rotate onto the Board so many can have a leadership experience.


Radhika Atluri, Foundation Director, oversees all activities in India, including: budget, relations with Government Education Office, construction and renovation projects, relations with Headmasters and Teachers, training programs for the Rising Stars, maintenance of WASH and safety standards.  Radhika is always focused on improvement, especially in terms of academic achieve and future opportunities for all students.

Jackie with local leader, Tharevir School, Kathmandu.JPG
Jacqueline Carnevali


CAGS, Harvard University

Concentration:  Education

Radhika presenting at Women’s Economic Forum in Delhi.JPG
Radhika Atluri

Vice President 

MBA, Institute of Business
and Management

Concentration:  Marketing

Samson and Shiva at Inauguration of new building at Yellamabanda.JPG
Koti Shiva Kumamoto


BS, Jawaharal Nehru
Technological University

Concentration:  Civil Engineering

Sampson Nadimidoggy, Trustee, reading to students.jpg
Samson Nadimidoddy


Gokarraju Rangaraju, Institute of Engineering and Technology

Concentration:  Computer Science

Founder and Support Staff

Giuseppe Carnevali


Carnevali Foundation

Chandra Sekr

Assistant Director of Operations

Carnevali Foundation

Hima Bindu

HR Executive

Carnevali Foundation

* Attended Yellamabanda, Carnevali Foundation Sponsored School

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