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Inspiring  Young Professionals

“Inspiring Young Professionals” signifies the group of our graduates who have earned a degree from a certified university. 

(All of our grads have first completed a 2-year intermediate course or a 3-year polytechnic course after high school and before commencing university). Engineering is the preferred course of study, but some of our students have earned degrees in economics/accounting, teaching/education, and chemistry.


See below comment from a few of our former students. We are most proud and excited that these grads are now role models and mentors to the younger students now following in their remarkable footsteps. 


Maredi Mamatha graduated from IIIT Basra and works as an
Assistant System Engineer for TATA Consultancy


“Carnevali Foundation gave me a chance to dream big. It supported me in all the crucial tutoring points of my career. It lead me to reach my goals and live a better life. In brief, Carnevali Foundation gave wings to my dreams.”


Shiva MSD graduated from IIT Nuzvid.  He is working as an Application Developer for IBM


"Because of education, my knowledge has increased and I developed the ability to tackle
difficult situations."


Aligati  Himabindu earned a B Tech from the Hasvita Institute of
Engineering and Technology. She works  as an HR Executive at
Next Education Pvt Ltd. (MBA)

“There was a drastic change in my life after my association with Carnevali Foundation. I can simply say “before” and “after.” Before I was active I didn’t  know exactly my strengths and I was not much confident. When I became part of Carnevali Foundation I Iearned so many things: like how to talk to people, what is important in life, how important is having knowledge. It’s an honor to be a part of Carnevali Foundation…I’m very thankful for the opportunity. I will always be a part of it."


Uma Nageswari Chikkala, earned a B Tech from St. Martin’s Engineering College.  She is employed as a Junior Engineer (Planning and QS) at
RSV Constructions Pvt Ltd.

“Carnevali Foundation gave me enormous support to promote myself into the next level. And, not only that, it has also given me the strength to race in this modern world. For me education is a key weapon to build an individual personality of myself and betterment of my future.”


Bolle Anusha earned a Diploma from the Government Institute of Electronics and is working as a Systems Network Administrator

“Carnevali Foundation has helped me a lot. I can live independently because of my education; it has changed my life. Now I am in a work position is all because of my education.”

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