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Current Shivah Nagar School grounds

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Click here to see the Shivah Nagar School plans for this property pictured above.

About Us

Carnevali Foundation is proud to take a school in very poor condition and turn it into one which will inspire pride in the children, teachers and parents. By following WASH IN SCHOOL standards, enrollment increases and attendance improves. 

Big News

MA Nagar and Shiva Nagar Schools are the recipients of a WASH IN SCHOOLS GRANT, 2020-2023. Many thanks to Rotary International for awarding this 3-year grant to enable Best Practices in the areas of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene. Did you know that in India:


• Only 54% of schools offer Hygiene Services 

• Only 69% of schools offer Basic Drinking Water

• Only 66% have Sanitation Services 

  *BASIC WASH is vital for Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM)


  • Gender based toilets with water and soap dispensers

  • Boundary Walls and Gates to keep school yards clean and safe

  • RO or UV Systems for potable water

  • Piping/Plumbing to Toilets, Kitchens and Sinks

  • Sinks with taps for drinking and hand-washing

  • Water harvesting pits to capture ground water

  • Ayah and Watchman to ensure security and cleanliness

  • Solar Panels (at Pappireddynagar)
    *Global Baseline Report 2018, United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and World health Organization 2018

“Poor quality services disproportionately impact adolescent girls who often struggle to manage their menstrual hygiene in school. Access to all three elements of WASH is necessary for adequate (MHM). As such, it is adolescent girls who stand to gain most from ongoing efforts to achieve universal access to WASH in Schools. It is estimated that, in 2016, 335 million girls went to primary and secondary schools without water and soap available for washing their hands when changing sanitary pads or cloths."

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