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#2 Original School at Yellamabanda.jpg

Original Yellamabanda School

Students needed to shift their seats to find shade

Welcome to Carnevali Foundation 


Before the Carnevali Foundation sponsorship, our school called Yellamabanda, consisted of 2 small rooms for 150 students.  Those who didn’t fit sat in the dirt under a grass tarp. Today, this “Flagship School,” located in Hyderabad, India, accommodates 900 students on a large campus with multiple two-story buildings, gender-based toilets, 2 kitchens, a Reverse Osmosis system for potable water and a complete library.  Commencing in 2004, the Carnevali Foundation continued to build schools in India, and recently in Nepal and Ethiopia, to now serve over 4,000 students. 


Our Mission:

Create Opportunities for a Better Future 

Carnevali Foundation’s focus is on adopting government schools and programs in very disadvantaged communities to optimize student attendance, increase academic performance and provide opportunities for further study and better job opportunities.   


Vision Statement  

Our vision is to continue to expand and grow, using the “Yellamabanda” model to create safe, clean and secure learning environments by working with local community groups and partners. Our original vision has been expanded to include preschool, adult literacy and post-secondary programs to attend vocational colleges and university.   



Students learn best when they attend schools that have basic infrastructure in place. Girls will stay in school if toilets with water are maintained. Children will attend schools if there are compassionate teachers who instruct in well-appointed classrooms with class size less than 30. Students achieve when they receive tutoring in preparation for national examinations. Post-secondary scholarship students need mentoring to navigate college applications, course selection and how best to interview and prepare a resume. Carnevali Foundation looks at every stage of learning to develop best support for all our students.

#3 building 70224e37-7c59-4773-bafb-046377d8f2b8.JPG

MA Nagar School Under Construction –
building classrooms and a library.

Yellamabanda School today –

Teachers lead an Exam Prep Session in anticipation of National Testing

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