Volunteer in Our Schools or in the Orphanage

  • Share a special skill with a group of students such as painting, drawing, calligraphy, science, math.

  • Let a child read to you-one-on one to improve reading skills.

  • Set up a pen pal program with a school from your native region.  


Purchase or Send Library Books

  • Please help us build better libraries wth books in Telegu, Hindi and English.

  • We organize by genre and purchase based on national curriculum.

  • Special bookshelves keep books clean and secure.

  • Donate books or donate funds to purchase.

Sponsor a  Student to Attend Higher Education

  • An annual sponsorship  costs approximately $250 for a student to attend 3 year Polytechnique Program.

  • University Work Study costs about $100 per year.

  • Full time university costs about $1000 per year.  

  • We currently have 25+ students in a scholarship programs and anticipate more every year.  Contact us for more info.


#1 New kitchen and early childhood center at Pappireddynagar.

#2  Building plan to construct facility for Murathi  Orphanage for Girls to house 100.

#3  Improved mentoring for Post-Secondary Scholarship students.

#4 Additional classroom at Maktha + internet installation for high school students