The Carnevali Foundation was created in 2004

with a little dream to educate 150 children

in the slums of Yellamabanda, India.




Founder and Patron Guiseppe Carnevali responded to the request

of former employees

to address the extreme poverty prevalent the otherwise productive

and vital city of

Hyberbad, India. 

Our first school at Yellamabanda consisted of two rooms for 150 students.  Those that didn't fit sat in the dirt

under a tarp.


Helping Hand

We have expanded our programs from 150 children in 2004 to 2000 children in 2019.

We are striving daily to provide :

Access to Clean Water

Indoor Bathrooms

Hot Nutritious Meal

Reduced Student / Teacher Ratio

Clean & Safe Buildings

Tutoring for those behind

Higher Education Sponsorship



The Carnevali Foundation dreams of continuing to build schools for all children, especially girls, to advance

their future opportunities.

The ultimate goal of the Carnevali Foundation is higher education. 

We aim to keep children in school by improving the school environment within the slums.

Our mission is to continue to expand and grow. We can do more with

your help.